Linksys Blue Box Router HOWTO

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Linksys Blue Box Router HOWTO

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Eric Steven Raymond

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Linksys makes a line of cheap, ubiquitous router/firewall boxes (models BEFSR41 and up, including the WRT54G) well-suited for use on a home DSL connection and popular among Linux hackers. This HOWTO gives hints and tips for managing Linksys routers from a Linux system, including the firmware upgrade procedure.

This HOWTO is no longer actively maintained, because as of 12 Oct 2006 the author is no longer a Linksys user. Time and technology nmarch on, and I now have a much fancier router in my basement that came with my optical-fiber service. If you are qualified and interested in taking it over, contact me.



La version originale de ce guide pratique n'est plus maintenue.

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