Guide pratique du RAID ATA sous Linux

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Guide pratique du RAID ATA sous Linux

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RAID is not limited to expensive SCSI disks anymore as more and more motherboard manufacturers are introducing motherboards with onboard RAID support for inexpensive IDE disks, known as ATA RAID. Promise Technolgy and HighPoint are two companies that dominate this ATA RAID market. This HOWTO document explains how to install Linux on an Intel Pentium compatible computer with an ATA RAID Controller (onboard chip or seperate card), single or multiple processors and atleast two hard disks. Currently, this document covers installing RedHat Linux 7.3 with Promise FastTrak ATA RAID Controller. Appendix at the end briefly explains how to install on a system with HighPoint HPT instead of Promise FastTrak RAID.

Ce guide pratique explique comment installer la distribution Red Hat Linux 7.3 sur un PC compatible Intel Pentium possédant un contrôleur Promise FastTrak ATA RAID. Il pourra être toutefois profitable si vous avez une autre distribution que la Red Hat. Une annexe aborde succintement l'installation avec le contrôleur RAID HighPoint HPT.


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